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Some Things Stay the Same

Posted in Uncategorized by stuffsoup on February 22, 2010

Today was a regular day; busy, and regular. It started by getting 3 people ready – fed breakfast, cleaned and brushed, dressed, food packed, snow clothes and school stuff packed, after-workout clothes packed, etc. then out the door. The idea of routines is not new and I embrace routines like never before. A positive routine is a thing of beauty – what you need to do gets done and it feels much more effortless and smooth when you don’t have to “think” about it so much.

The other day, my son and I went to a grocery store that we go to sometimes. I got the cart like I always do, put my son in it like I always do, grabbed the ad like I always do, and started in the door and to the left like I always do. Suddenly, I stopped. What was on the right? Hmm. I thought I knew and I thought I must not need it. But since I’d been checking other products on other shelves in other stores to find other food for this vegan cleanse, I said to my son, “you know, we always go left, let’s go see what there is on the right.” And, even though routines can be very good, sometimes it is also good to shake things up or at least look around some. My son smiled, so did I, and we checked things out on the right.

Day 4 – been there

Breakfast – 1/2 cup of oatmeal with agave and almond milk and hot water with lemon

After-workout snack – handful of almonds, snack bag of carrots, and rice milk with hemp protein

Late lunch – granny smith apple with peanut butter

Dinner – yummy pad thai

The good. I was glad to get a good weightlifting workout in today. I think I’ll be a bit sore tomorrow, but that is good too.

The better. A nap. I napped longer than my son did today and it was good.

The best. I really liked how natural it felt this morning to boil water for oatmeal and heat water to put in a cup with lemon. It already felt like a comfortable, old routine.

Everything seems to come back to balance… routine and novel. Doing the things you know make you feel good and the things that just need doing and within that framework, still searching and learning and growing and exploring and trying. Now, I must go as I have some more things that “just need doing” to do.


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  1. Kim said,

    “A positive routine is a thing of beauty”
    – I like that sentiment. I agree! Sometimes it’s nice to have such a flow that you can do dozens of things in just a few minutes!

    Your lunch reminded me of one of my most favoritest foods – Ants On a Log. (Girl Scout camp fare) Take a piece of celery, smear peanut butter in the scooped area, and top with raisins! YUM! And it fits in your diet!! Whee! You must eat this and report back to me! (Peanut butter doesn’t currently fit in my diet, so I would like to live vicariously through you, please.)

  2. stuffsoup said,

    Ants on a log are yummy, though mostly I just eat the logs. 🙂 You may live vicariously though as I have already had more peanut butter today. Must. buy. more. peanut butter. (You should work it back into your diet. :))

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