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A Spoonful of Good Karma

Posted in Uncategorized by stuffsoup on February 23, 2010

This morning, my daughter saw a cardiologist, an endocrinologist, and the litany of support staff from both of those offices, as well as the lab. It was a long morning; a few tears were shed, a few protests were voiced, blood was given. Ultimately though, there were also hugs, stickers, and good news.

My daughter was diagnosed as hypothyroid at 6 months of age. It was only even checked because she has Down syndrome and thus it is more common. She has been on a very low dose of medication for it and after today’s checkup at endocrinology, the dose increases ever so slightly, but all is well.

The cardiologist wanted to check up on her previously diagnosed atrial septal defect or ASD (basically a little hole in her heart between the left and right atria) and her cleft mitral valve (basically a valve that doesn’t seal quite right). She had to do an echocardiogram to get a good picture, but they found that the valve problem is still very minor (no murmur or anything) AND the hole is closed! Ah, it’s good to exhale.

Day 5 – clean up

Breakfast – granny smith apple with peanut butter and hot water with lemon

Snack – Lara Bar in cherry pie, carrots, and my new favorite rice milk all on its own

Lunch – the last of the yummy pad thai and more carrots

Snack – corn chips dipped in the last of the black bean and brown rice from the tostadas mixed with more salsa

Dinner – brown rice pasta with tomato marinara, chick peas, black olives, dried spinach, frozen spinach puree (love the Hooray Puree!), and mushrooms

One last thing – a spoonful of Good Karma Organic Rice Divine in very vanilla (I just really wanted something sweet and it was!)

The good. It was so good to have a sweet spoonful tonight.

The better. Dinner was divine. I hadn’t realized how much I miss chick peas (they are not a favorite in the house) and the whole mixture was so hearty and good.

The best. This just can’t be about food today…. my daughter no longer has a hole in her heart. It’s closed!

Today I am proud of how good my daughter was with all she had to do. She made so many people smile today even as she worried what they were going to do to her next. I am proud of my son for being his patient-est while tagging along for the doctor visits. And, I am proud of me for only having a spoonful of Good Karma.


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  1. Kim said,

    The two things I liked most about this post:
    1) the title
    2) Alisa doesn’t have a hole in her heart anymore!!!!!!

  2. valerie said,

    awesome news!! loving the blog! waiting to hear more about the cleanse!

  3. Hilary said,

    Tears of joy and happiness are in my eyes! Thanks for bringing such a big smile to my face first thing in the morning 🙂

  4. Deanna said,

    That is SO EXCITING!!

  5. Amytrigirl said,

    Great news about the heart!

  6. Connie Snow said,

    Yeah, what wonderful news from Miss A’s doctors…….go Alyssa. We miss her.

    Also, I am so excited about your blog, what an awesome job you’re doing sharing your healthy new venture. How interesting and exciting it will be to follow you. I think it’s great, I’m all for healthy and natural but I’m not as brave or disciplined as you!! My healthiest new habit is a protein shake made with almond milk for breakfast each day. I’ll have to try the rice milk!

    Looking forward to getting together soon, much to catch up about. Elly’s hearing continues to be her biggest challenge. Hugs to you alll.

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