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Hooray, ooray

Posted in Uncategorized by stuffsoup on February 24, 2010

I recommend ECFE (early childhood family education) or its equivalent to any new parent. It is an amazingly helpful way to share experiences and learn about all things “parent”. I have met incredible people (mostly moms since that is generally who is there) with whom I have shared so much more than just an hour and a half per week; there have been births, deaths, successes, failures, gains, losses, and more.

I joke often about my theory of this closeness… that trauma brings people together. In times of crisis (such as learning how to deal with new creatures in your life no matter how cute they are or how much you love them), I think people can form tighter bonds. So, while the kids are having a great time making art projects and going to the “motor room”, the parents are experiencing their own humanity and better preparing to help their children experience theirs.

Day 6 – more whole

Breakfast – granny smith apple with peanut butter and hot water with lemon

Snack – 3 cuties and a Lara Bar in lemon

Lunch – a plum, a third of an avocado, and some black bean salsa on corn chips

Snack – snack bag of carrots

Dinner – last of the garbanzo pasta sauce over brown-rice penne noodles

The good. I was glad cutie oranges were a snack option today… it helped me resist the chocolate chip cookie that was giving me that “come hither” look.

The better. The garbanzo pasta sauce recipe passed my “must be good as leftovers” test tonight, and so here is the basic recipe. A note of caution: you must like chick peas (garbanzo beans) to enjoy this recipe.

Garbanzo Pasta Sauce

18 ounce jar of marinara sauce, 15 ounce can of garbanzo beans drained and rinsed, sliced black olives, chopped mushrooms, and half a tube of Hooray Puree ( in spinach all warmed in a pan and poured over prepared pasta of your choice.

The best. My son awoke a little cranky this morning and was less than cooperative when getting dressed. All I had to do to change his mood and his willingness to cooperate was to say the magic words, “today is your school day” to which he replied, “ooray! my school day” and he couldn’t wait to get going (and neither could I).

I know quite a lot gets said some times about it “taking a village”, but I think the “village” really can make a difference even if it is only for moral support. I know I am more of a people person than some, but I really do feel like being together makes us more human.


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  1. Hi there. I am sooooo enjoying reading your daily blogs. Thank you Michele for sharing your day with everyone. So happy that you got some good news for your little girl. She was very brave today to weather through all of that. Give her a hug for me.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. I become more inspired each day.

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