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For Whom the Kettlebell Tolls

Posted in Uncategorized by stuffsoup on February 28, 2010

Today, the gym had a kettlebell demo and I’d always been a bit curious about them (particularly because they are locked up and you are not allowed to touch them without supervision – oooo). I always loved the medicine ball, but the fun stuff is more for partners, so this seemed kind of like medicine ball for one.

Matt cut right to it. We were each assigned a kettlebell (mine was 20 pounds!) and Matt showed us how to do “lifts” by swinging it up to shoulder height and then squatting and swinging it down between our legs. Then we were off… do 30 lifts and then drop and do 10 pushups (“if you can do them on your toes, more power to ya,” he said). Repeat 5 times! It was less of a demo and more of a do, which I love! And, guess what… I figured I’d start the pushups on my toes and then drop to my knees when I needed to, but I did them all – that’s right, 50 pushups – on my toes! I have no idea what came over me today and I’m sure I’ll pay tomorrow, but it felt so good!

Day 9 – a bit nutty

Breakfast – smoothie with mixed berries, almond milk, and “sprinkles” (hemp protein, dried beet greens, and a pinch of fiber)

After-workout snack – handful of almonds

Lunch – Spanish “egg” scramble ala Ani Phyo and a handful of grapes

Snack – slice of watermelon

Dinner – veggie burger, fries dipped in Nasoya veggie-based sandwich spread (Nayonaise), and broccoli

The good. Saying that I had a burger and fries for dinner is amusing to me. The burger was a Dr. Praeger’s tex mex veggie burger with no bun. It had some “zip” and so it got a wee bit of the Nayonaise too. The fries were homegrown, fresh potatoes cut into strips, given a bit of extra-virgin olive oil, seasoned with sea salt and fresh-ground pepper, and then baked.

The better. The “egg” really tasted like egg yolk to me. It was so surprising and kind of fun. Here’s the recipe.

Spanish Breakfast Scramble

1 c almonds soaked overnight and dried, 1/2 c raw sunflower seeds soaked overnight and dried, 1/4 tsp sea salt, 1 tsp tumeric, and about 1/2 c water blended in a food processor. That is the “egg” part. Then, you can mix the “egg” in a bowl with 1/4 c cilantro, 1/2 c diced tomato, and 2 Tbsp scallions and serve it over spinach leaves with a dash of pepper. That is the Spanish part.

I used frozen cilantro and red onion and I put them straight in with the “egg” ingredients then served it with the diced tomato in Boston lettuce leaves.

The best. I did 50 pushups – on my toes!

Sometimes we become like the fleas of the flea circus. We get used to what we think we can do even if a barrier is removed. It is so nice to mix things up sometimes to just “check in” with what we might be capable of doing. Maybe a barrier we thought was there actually no longer is.


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  1. Connie Snow said,

    Wish I lived next door so I could sample some of your dishes! Then we could take turns cooking every other night – I’m not on a vegan cleanse but am forever trying to eat healthier!! As I mentioned before I have been using almond milk for some time and also had a bag of quinoa in my cupboard when I read your post! A friend thought I should try it so I am excited to hear more ideas for using it. Tonight it made a good base for some leftover chicken tika masala!

    Rock on Michele, you’re doing great! 🙂

  2. You’re awesome Michele! Love the recipes. Keep them coming! Great job with the kettleballs and pushups. Wow! Just WOW!

  3. Deanna said,

    I just keep coming back for the witty titles… 😉 They make my day!

    Way to go, rock star!

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