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1st, 2nd, 3rd

Posted in Uncategorized by stuffsoup on March 1, 2010

The olympic games are over and I find this fascinating… “Research by three U.S. academics… shows that bronze-medal winners, on average, are happier with their finishes than silver medalists. Take silver, and you tend to fixate on the near miss. Score bronze, and you are thankful you were not shut out altogether.” (USA Today) Psychologists have a name for this, it is called counterfactual thinking – thoughts about what might have been (almost won versus almost didn’t get a medal).

So goes life. Sometimes we have to choose to focus on the “thankful” or even the “could be worse” part of things. With job loss, you can mourn the lost wages or enjoy the extra time. With eating healthier, you can mourn what you can’t eat or enjoy the things you can. Even with Down syndrome, you can mourn the child that isn’t or enjoy the new journey with the child that is. Chandos (CJ) Field has embraced that journey and she has sent an afghan of her creation around the world to enjoy that journey too. Today is her anniversary on that project and she asked to have the word spread. I am happy to do that as I admire her for what she is doing and the legacy she has made. Her website is and I hope you’ll visit.

Day 11 – small shift

Breakfast – gs apple with peanut-butter dip

Snack – snack bag of carrots

Lunch – tortilla chips with corn and black-bean bundle recipe and hummus

Snack – scant handful of dried fruit

Dinner – chili ala TJ

The good. This chili turned out quite similar to the chili I would normally make with hamburger. It was almost eerie. Just 3 ingredients and it was good.

Chili ala TJ

28-oz can Trader Joe’s Organic Tomatoes diced in tomato juice, 15.5-oz can Trader Joe’s Cuban-Style black beans, and 25-oz can rinsed and drained Westbrae Natural Organic pinto beans put in pot to warm.

The better. I made peanut-butter dip for my kids before, using just milk and peanut butter. For me, I mixed 2 T peanut butter with enough chocolate almond milk to make it more of a dip and basically so I wouldn’t eat so much peanut butter! It’s so good. It is hard to mix, but it turns out.

The best. Anything in life that you choose to be thankful for.

1st, 2nd, or 3rd, it is just good to be in the game. Congratulations to all the olympic athletes regardless of their final standing and congratulations to all who choose to make a difference.


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