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Oh, what a time

Posted in 30-day vegan cleanse by stuffsoup on March 3, 2010

I think you could call this a busy day. Three kids, 4 breakfasts, 4 school drop offs, 2 loads of laundry (at least one couldn’t wait), 2 errands, 3 lunches, 6 snacks, 50 snowballs tossed, 80 pushes on the swings, lots of walking with a bit of carrying, cooking dinner for 5, eating dinner with 3, 2 bedtimes, 3 books, done. I think the books on my night stand will have to wait again.

I have discovered though that I like to be busy. Really busy. But then I like to be done. Completely done. I think what people refer to as “project work” is right up my alley. I like to work like a crazy person, getting things done as if I were 4 mere mortals, but then I need to stop and breath so I can get ready to do it again. Some people are steady Eddies, but I don’t think that’s me. I’m sure I’d have fewer stumbles if I took my skis from side to side, but I like pointing my skis right down the hill, taking my jumps, perhaps my falls, and then having a nice soak in the hot tub.

Day 13 – whole

Breakfast – most of a gs apple with dip of peanut butter and almond milk

Snack – sample of 2 quinoa salads (thanks, Lakewinds) and handful of dried strawberries

Lunch – 1/4 pound of nutty quinoa salad and 4 fresh strawberries

Snack – red pepper slices with hummus

Dinner – chili ala TJ, spoonful of beets, and “french fries” (baked julienne potatoes with olive oil and seasoning) with nasoya original veggie-based sandwich spread

I think what I like is the intensity and the challenge of too many things to do. What I need to continue to concentrate on is the parts that I would call “the little things” which sometimes wait while I am playing with the kids on some adventure. I sometimes long for calm serenity, but for now, I kind of feel comfortable with a bit “out of control”.


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  1. julie said,

    Amen. There’s a reason why we’re friends, and I think I realized it while watching you play for the Asasinas!

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