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Wow, Wow, Whee

Posted in 30-day vegan cleanse by stuffsoup on March 5, 2010

So today was my day to check in with the trainer at the health club. I was expecting big things. I was actually smiling a knowing smile when I stepped on the scale for her and she didn’t disappoint me. “Wow,” she said, “wow, you’ve lost weight.” And, it’s not really a lot, but it was more than between the last two weigh ins (three times more). I was disappointed in the strength and flexibility parts, but I am still quite happy with the scale and the fat percentage going in the right direction. During this second week of the 30-day-vegan cleanse, my percent of weight lost was just over 2 percent. The rest is just details for now.

Since I was with the trainer, I missed my usual class with cardio and weights and as if by magic, when I turned to see what my other options might be, there was the kettlebell trainer doing another demo. I did one of those “hey, I’m over here” stalker moves and he waved and asked if I’d like to join the demo. Hooray! Then, he told me to grab a bigger kettlebell (25 pounds) and join in. When there was a break in the demo, I tried some of the other moves that he had only shown us, but that we hadn’t done. One was a clean and jerk with one hand which involved pressing the kettlebell above my head. When he saw me doing these, he said, “Wow, I have people who work on that for a year before they can lift that much.” I was worried that I was using the wrong equipment and should have started with something else, but he assured me that it was fine.

Day 15 – go

Breakfast – hot water with lemon and oatmeal with agave and almond milk

After-workout snack – handful of almonds and dried strawberries

Late lunch – bowl of grapes and 2 rice cakes with hummus

Dinner – tofu spring rolls, veggie delight, and spicy mock duck (thanks to a friend for a lovely dinner out and allowing me to stick to the cleanse)

The Good. Another beautiful day for a walk and today the kids rode part of the time in the stroller, so I could actually move quicker. It was nice.

The better. I really do think I could eat tofu often if it was prepared for me. I just don’t know how best to cook it up. It is so tasty when I have it though.

The best. It felt great to have 2 trainers today say “wow” to me – for good things, not because I pinched my fingers between weights or tripped going up stairs or something.

Today was all about keeping up the baby steps… a little healthier food here, a little more exercise there, and little dividends that start to show up. I still have some strong cravings, but I think it really has been good for me to refrain.


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