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The Eyes Have It

Posted in 30-day vegan cleanse by stuffsoup on March 9, 2010

I guess one of the tough parts about getting another year older is the visits to see the doctors for checkups. This morning, it was the eye doctor for my daughter. It is always amazing to me what the eye doctors can discover about children’s eyes even before they can really read an eye chart reliably. They pull out all the tricks; stickers on their noses, video screens at a set distance from the exam chair, giving things fun names like “sticker” instead of eye patch, and putting eye drops in before a kid can wonder why they are looking at the ceiling.

It is funny to me too how quickly the kids want to be “all done”. There were so many times when the people from the doctor’s office would say “almost” even though I prefer to say what all has to be done before the end such as “we’ll wait for the eyes to dilate, she’ll check you again, then we’ll see the doctor, then when SHE says we’re all done, we’re all done”. And so it goes through life, right? I’d like to be all done with this vegan cleanse sometimes too. But I committed to 30 days and so my inner grownup says, “you’ll just do the rest of this week, this weekend, then one more week, and you’ll be all done.”

Day 19 – reg

Breakfast – oatmeal with berries and almond milk

Snack – red grapes

Lunch – yummy pad thai and a thimble full of rice milk (that is all that was left in the container — how DOES that happen?)

Dinner – last of the chili ala TJ with brown rice, dried fruit, and a plum

The good, the better, the best. My daughter has 20/40 vision which is what it should be at her age and the doctor told me that 20/40 is legal for driving, though I did not opt to have my daughter drive us home.

I’m still learning about my diet, my tolerances, my draws. I did find out that other people who have done this cleanse in the past had their hardest time sticking to it right about this time and I can understand that. I’m glad you’re there (whoever is reading this – if anyone). It helps me to get through – just like my kids made it through a long doctor visit today.


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  1. Kim said,

    You’re almost done! It’s just around the corner!

    I think sometimes it’s better to hear “we’re almost there” rather than the details. Like when I was 5 years old and we DROVE from Michigan to Florida to go to Disney World for Christmas. At one point along the drive, I asked my dad how much farther it was going to be and he answered that we had 10 hours left. I couldn’t even fathom 10 hours in a car at that age, and it crushed me to hear it. I guess that’s obvious — since I remember it to this day!

    So I’m telling ya: you’re almost there!!

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