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Job Hazards

Posted in 30-day vegan cleanse by stuffsoup on March 15, 2010

Every day for the last 25 days, when ever I would pick up a knife and a cutting board, my task was generally to cube or even to mince, so tonight when I was making mashed potatoes for the family, I started to cube the potatoes (small cubes) before putting them in the pot. They did cook pretty quickly, though I suppose it took a bit longer to cut (I am able to cut a bit faster now however even without cutting my fingers – which is a bonus).

It’s funny how your fingers can start to do something even before your brain fully registers it. Apparently researchers have figured out that our unconscious brain “knows” things or becomes aware of things even before we are consciously aware. Apparently we “know” before we know. Although we can still be wrong sometimes.

Day 25 – kinda fruity

Breakfast – strawberries and a cup of rice milk

After-workout snack – almonds and grapes

Lunch – a Mrs. May’s Trio bar in blueberry and cantaloupe

Dinner– leftover sichuan sauce over rice noodles and french fries (potato strips baked with some ev olive oil) with nayonaise

The good. The Trio bar was new to me and it is a bit more calories than I would normally like (230 calories per bar) but it worked well in a pinch and is clearly portable for times like today when I was eating that part of lunch while chasing my soon-to-be-3-year-old son out the door.

The better. I was quite pleased with how well the sichuan sauce kept and it was really good warmed and poured over my Trader Joe’s rice sticks as well as over the spaghetti squash before.

The best. The cantaloupe was good and juicy and it reminded me of summer. As did the sunshine today and the warmer weather. I really like that.

Some tasks are probably really good to get on “auto pilot”. It is how we can get so much done in a day or multitask our way through the “to-do” list, but periodically I suppose it is good to look at these things and make sure they still serve us well. Is there anything that you have on auto pilot that you wish wasn’t quite so automatic? And/or, conversely, do you have things on auto pilot that save your day?


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