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Thirsty in the Ocean

Posted in 30-day vegan cleanse by stuffsoup on March 17, 2010

I had an a-ha moment at a gas station. I wanted my daughter to be able to share a birthday treat with her class, and one of her schools strongly prefers store-bought treats to homemade since they come with an ingredient label (though I would gladly give them an ingredient list – but that is a topic for another day). Anyway, I had sent treats the previous day, but didn’t know if there were enough for her additional smaller class, so when I was putting gas in the car, I went into the c-store to see what I could find for her to have a plan B.

I looked around hoping to find something that wasn’t horrible, but that the kids might enjoy. As I looked, through the filter of this 30-day vegan cleanse, there was basically nothing… nothing in there that I could eat. And, I can tell you that I have eaten gas-station food in the past. It was an eye opener to see such a large store with nothing to eat.

Day 27 – low profile

Breakfast – gs apple with peanut-butter dip

Snack – LaraBar in cherry pie and Veggie Crunchers

Lunch – hummus on rice cake bits (they got a bit crunched) and pea pods

Dinner – black bean sweet potato chili over brown rice

It is incredibly interesting to have a new framework for looking at food choices. I know all of the information was there in my brain before, but it has been much easier to filter out extraneous data. I like having the new lens.


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