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Who’da Thunk

Posted in 30-day vegan cleanse by stuffsoup on March 19, 2010

Today the kids and I went on a class field trip to the Lowry Nature Center. It was an interesting talk and an interesting walk and the kids stayed more engaged than at some past field trips. I even learned something new about snakes… apparently they never stop growing and the more they eat, the bigger they get. The group also went out to tap a maple tree, each taking turns turning the hand drill into the trunk and after checking out the trees, they got to sample some maple syrup from last year.

I am always completely fascinated by the idea that someone had to think these things up. I mean, who drilled the first hole into a maple tree? Did they try many other trees? (Apparently a box elder tree can be tapped too, just that the syrup isn’t quite as tasty… really?) What prompted them to heat the stuff instead of just eating it the way it came out and leaving it at that? Who decided how long to cook it? How much was lost before they got it all right? Don’t get me wrong, I’m really glad there are so many people experimenting with things, I just often wonder about the failed experiments and how people come to their successes. It is all amazing to me.

Day 29 – repeat

Breakfast – gs apple with pb dip

Snack – Mrs. May’s Trio bar in strawberry and some Veggie Crunchers

Lunch – Barcelona spinach

Dinner – the last of the black bean sweet potato chili over brown rice

The good, the better, the best. I’m glad Barcelona spinach (spinach, garbanzo beans, brown rice, and rice milk) will be a relatively easy go-to lunch. Even though it was pretty cool, it was fun to get outside with the kids today. Plus, they got to throw piles of leaves up into the air just for the fun of it.

I guess when you think about it, we really are experimenting all the time. I’m glad to know about the experiments of others that seem to work so well whether it is a parenting tip, a recipe, a new exercise, or whatever other thing. We all can learn so much from each other and keep getting better tastes, experiences, and outcomes. Go world.


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  1. Kim said,

    Holy cow. Today was Day 29. I’m all on pins and needles with what tomorrow will bring… but even more than that, I’m concerned about the day after. Will the blog continue? I mean, it can’t be only about the 30-day vegan cleanse. Because a big part of the cleanse is what comes after. Right?!

    By the way, I’m definitely going to have to try Barcelona spinach.

  2. Cristiana Christiansen said,

    Hey Mrs. Mom, friend , wife, blogger and some more! I’m so proud of what you have done all this month experimenting with some new things. thanks again for sharing your experience with us. My guess is you’ll have a new approach about food after these 30 days…curious to see how you’ll find your way into to the world around us that has so many good food and a LOT of bad ones out there too:) Maybe you can come over some day for some rice and beans?

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