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Hello My Name Is…

Posted in parenting by stuffsoup on March 26, 2010

One of my daughter’s preschools was looking for parents to volunteer to do “art training” at the Minneapolis Institute of Art through their Art Adventure series and then teach something profound to the kids about what they learned there. So, I took the bait and signed up to attend. Last night, I went to the MIA to learn more about 8 diverse pieces of art for the category “family, friends, and foes”.

When I arrived, I was handed the appropriate packet as if they knew I was coming (which, of course, they did, but it was still a bit surprising since there were people there for other “art adventures” too). They also had the standard name tags for people to wear though I don’t think it was to help us remember names since there wasn’t much interaction between us. Perhaps it was to mark us as being a part of the tour itself. The MIA is a labyrinth of rooms – I only nearly got lost once, so that didn’t seem too bad at all. In my defense, it was because I was chatting with one of the other parents that was there and we followed someone else from our group heading the wrong direction.

We had one of those “I know you, where do I know you from” moments and thankfully we both felt that way. (It always seems more awkward when only one person feels that way.) I ran through the gamut of places I go which started to seem pretty paltry as I quickly neared the end of the list. We finally figured out that it was from a particular Lifetime Fitness class and so this “sighting” seemed way out of context. I was then glad we had the name tags to be sure I got the name right since we ran into each other again already this morning. Sometimes it really would be handy if we all wore name tags like Laverne (of Laverne and Shirley) always wore her initial on her shirt.

The art was interesting. There were a couple of the pieces that at first blush, I was not fond of at all, but honestly, as more of the story about the artist and the pieces themselves was told, the more intrigued I became. I still don’t necessarily want to have some of these pieces displayed in my living room, but I can appreciate them more and can maybe appreciate the point that the artist was trying to make. Back story really can lend more interest.

I am still not sure how all of this will translate into talking with preschoolers about this art, but I think it will definitely be interesting and I hope my new friend has a great time talking with the 5th graders.


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  1. Janet said,

    I also really find it helpful to know the back story of the artist, who they were/are, where they live, what time they lived – all of that. Really adds to my enjoyment of the art!

    Cool program sounds like! You will find a great way to relate what they see to all those little, budding artists!!

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