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Yoga Bootcamp?

Posted in health/fitness by stuffsoup on May 3, 2010

I’ve missed yoga. My favorite instructor from the place I go stopped teaching there quite some time ago and then I seemed to get wrapped up in too many other things (like having and caring for babies) to search for someone new. When I got back into a class, it seemed so different.

My favorite instructor taught what she referred to as hatha yoga or sometimes gentle yoga and she would have us hold poses for what seemed like a painfully long time to a gal who likes to move a lot. I ultimately found it was the perfect contrast for me and just what I needed. And, I got better at the poses and I got stronger and my body would change if I missed even one week.

At the most recent class I went to with one of the new instructors, I seemed to start off on the wrong foot, so to speak. The instructor scolded me for having my shoes in the yoga room – though mine weren’t the only pair in there. He wanted us to remember to keep our eyes open as we practiced because he felt that closing your eyes was like “denying reality”. At one point, when I had my hands floating above my straight legs and ankles because I have apparently lost the ability to wrap my fingers around my toes from a sitting position, he said to me, “touch SOMEthing”. He snapped his fingers each time he wanted us to move through the “chatarunga, up dog, down dog” series which was after nearly every position we did. It is kind of like doing a lot of pushups; at one point I wished I had started a count. I never felt quite sure I was properly in a position… the new instructors all seem to move much more quickly from one to the other.

I feel so new again and not sure how I “fit” and although you aren’t really supposed to look at what others are doing because it is supposed to be about your own body, I was so amazed to see so many of the other practitioners in full positions… completely wrapped into little balls, fully sprawled and stretched, or laid completely flat and folded. It was actually beautiful to watch even as I struggled. They looked like the covers of yoga DVDs or something.

I don’t know if I have the type of body that will ever do all of what I marveled at in that studio, but I will keep going back. I know it does good things for my body (and sometimes my head). And, honestly, the last instructor kind of grew on me… in a sort of bootcamp way. Plus, as I passed him coming out of the childcare center when I was headed in, he said to me, “you did a good job in there today” and really that’s about the sweetest thing I would ever want to hear and it makes me want to keep trying.


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