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Let them eat crickets?

Posted in health/fitness by stuffsoup on May 13, 2010

Today was a check-in day with the trainer. I love that there is someone that I can touch base with like this. It keeps me thinking about where I am and what I am doing and today she gave me even more “food for thought”.

She told me of a woman that she had been working with for 3 years… yep, 3 years.  This woman, like me it seems, had been working out pretty consistently (and she even had a trainer she was apparently actually working with instead of just checking in with every 6 weeks or so). This woman, also like me, hadn’t been shedding the weight she wanted to lose and the trainer felt that for both of us, it was really down to sticking with good diet choices. I asked if I could please just do 2-a-day workouts or something as that would really be easier, but alas, her response was “no, I really don’t think you need 2-a-day workouts”.

Now, here’s where the stories are different… this other woman lost her job and decided to join the peace corps and is now in Thailand. And, wouldn’t you know it, there is another twist in this woman’s story that I also haven’t yet experienced. Since this woman went to Thailand (just in January), she has lost 47 pounds. The trainer said she was eating basically all fresh food… fresh fruits, veggies, fish, and even crickets (I guess she just tried them and wasn’t really fond of them, but good for her for being so adventurous and accepting). We then joked that perhaps the best way to lose weight would be to eat crickets since she thought there really probably was some lean protein in them – haha. I’m thinking perhaps a half share in a garden coop might be a more workable solution since I’m not sure where I could get enough crickets.


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  1. Kim said,

    I’m thinking there’s another reason that eating crickets is a good diet — How many crickets could you actually stand to eat?!

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