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Shades of gray

Posted in health/fitness by stuffsoup on May 15, 2010

I’ve never really been a scale watcher… not really. I had what, in hindsight, was a rather defining moment in the weight department when I was in high school (a VERY good time to have a positive defining moment in the weight department!). A gal who I looked up to as being a very good athlete (she was quick, she was strong, and she was the best shooter on our basketball team) stepped on the scale in the girls’ locker room and I saw her number. It was huge. Well, not really huge, but WAY bigger than I ever would have guessed. And, really, from that moment on, I didn’t care so much what my “number” was and I finally believed what people had been saying about how “muscle weighs more than fat” and all that.

The other day, I was on the scale in the ladies’ locker room at the health club and as I stepped off of the scale, a relatively slender, older woman who had been at the counter behind me asked, “So, is it being kind?”. I chuckled and admitted, “Well, it is really telling me that I should probably stop with the cookies.” The woman gave what seemed like a huge sigh of relief and said conspiratorially, “Oh, I had cookies for breakfast this morning.” She went on just a bit to say she knew that she shouldn’t, but they were so good, and that it was only a couple, well maybe a few. When she finished, I admitted, “I actually had dough this morning, but that was only because I ate the last of the baked ones last night.” Well, you’da thought I’d just told her of the birth of a new grandbaby. She seemed elated. We had a few more pleasant exchanges now that we were bonded in this kind of odd way and then we parted to go “work off the cookies”.

I think what relieved her so is the same thing that we all feel relieved about when we hear a story that matches our own in some way… we are not alone. Some people may be doing better than us at whatever it is that we might be endeavoring to do, but there are also people who may not be doing nearly as well and you may not even know about it. You may be very surprised indeed. No one is black, no one is white… we are all shades of gray and even if we feel a bit drab, we might really seem a beautiful, expressive shade of gray to someone.


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  1. Rachel lickley said,

    Oh I so needed to read that tonight as I crawl into bed with a tummy that looks as if I’m 5 months prego. Why? Cuz I binged in chocolate chip cookies. Yep, bought them for the family with good intentions. Decided to have 1, knowing full well I wouldn’t be able to stop. Ate 8-10! Feel like “tossing my cookies” right now. Ugh!

    Hi, my name is Rachel and I’m a cookie-aholic.

    I am starting a blog. It’s called “All but the Cookies”.

    Miss you Michele! xoxo

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