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Why the break?

Posted in health/fitness by stuffsoup on December 10, 2010

I hate being a perfectionist. It sometimes can stop me in my tracks. I wanted to learn more about wordpress so that I could add photos. So, I stopped writing while I tried to sort it out. I didn’t actually got it all sorted, but I did figure out a few things. So here’s an idea of the post that I wanted to do, but really, really wanted to have photos in.

I got to meet Cat Cora! And she inspired me to do some cooking. She did a cooking demo at Macy’s that I attended thanks to the Blog Pantry. I had a great seat in the front row to get a great shot of her with the dishes she prepared for us that night.









Here are my versions of her dishes. They were great and I enjoyed recreating them. It is a lot more work when you don’t have people prepping stuff ahead of time, but my mom happened to be in town for this fun and she helped too. I love cooking with others. It is just more fun and makes all the chopping go by quicker.


2 Responses to 'Why the break?'

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  1. Kelli said,

    Great pictures! Love the look on Cat’s face. It was so fun to sit in the front row with you with our “press passes”

    Looking forward to seeing you soon. I love your writing.


    • stuffsoup said,

      Thanks, Kelli. It was fun being there with you.

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