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Feel the burn

Posted in health/fitness by stuffsoup on January 16, 2011

I have sore muscles and I have a sneaking suspicion that more muscles will be sore tomorrow. It mostly started on Thursday. Yep, enough days ago not to be so sore any more. Thursday was team day at one of my classes (my current fav) at the gym (Lifetime) so between me and my two team mates, we did 1,000 jump ropes, 500 dead lifts, 300 deep weighted squats, and 100 burpees. We did extra jump ropes and one extra burpee just for good measure.

Now in case you don’t know what a burpee is, 100 is too many. Basically, stand at attention, put your hands on the ground beside or in front of your feet, jump your feet back so that you end up in a push-up position, go ahead and do a push up, jump your feet back up to your hands, then take your hands off the ground, throw your hands up  above your head, and jump up like a jumping jack… that’s one burpee.

The burpees were actually ok, it was the dead lift that really got me. That’s basically hauling a heavy weight from ankle height up to your hips. Really got my back. Then today, a friend of mine and I started a round of boxing classes at Opportunity Knocks in Edina.

So, to finish off my week, my arms got some pretty serious time on a heavy bag with the cool wraps and gloves and everything. It was fun and though the owner made a joke to my friend that she didn’t need to bring her own puke bucket because we could use one of theirs, I think I could have used one for the sweat instead.

Please don’t drop anything on the floor tomorrow. I may not be able to help you with it.


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  1. Rachel lickley said,

    Good for you Michele. I’m happy to see you are taking time for YOU!

  2. Julie C. said,

    I am inspired by you, as usual. Julie

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