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Thank you for bein’ a friend

Posted in pop psych by stuffsoup on February 5, 2011

Multiple times within the last week, people have thanked me for saying hello to them. Sometimes it takes multiple occurrences for me to notice something, but this seemed striking and interesting to me from the beginning.

Are we so lost in our own worlds with mp3 players, cell phones, or even just the thoughts or worries in our heads that we would actually thank someone for pulling us back for just a moment? Or, is it, as a friend of mine confessed, that we don’t acknowledge each other because our hair or our clothes or our weight just isn’t right that day and that ends up making us feel isolated and it is a relief if someone reaches out first?

My facebook phrase (whatever that means exactly) is one that’s origin I don’t remember, but still feels true to me… “Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet.” So, no matter your hair or clothes or weight or whatever, sometimes the nicest thing you can do is just say hi. Someone may actually thank you for it and you might feel great for having made a nice connection too.


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  1. Kelli said,

    This is a wonderful post. SO TRUE. You know I’ve noticed this with my teenage children with people they know…sometimes when we are in public I recognize one of their classmates, and they don’t acknowledge each other. Of course I say, “back in the day” we always said hello to everyone we passed in the hall. “Mom, things are different now” How can making eye contact and smiling be a thing of the past?

    After yoga class last week, I ran into the grocery store even though I was a sweaty mess. A man in line behind me smiled at me and told me how nice I looked…huh? go figure, but it made my day.

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